Statewide Ballot Measures: Vote NO on Amendments 3 and 6

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Amendment 6

Vote No on Amendment 6

Amendment 6 will make it much harder for Missourians to vote by allowing extreme voting restrictions to become law. These new photo ID restrictions will create unnecessary confusion and hassle at the polls, while costing taxpayers millions of dollars that are not accounted for in our state’s budget.

An attack on voting rights is an attack on reproductive rights. The ability to preserve and expand everyone’s access to reproductive and sexual health care rests on their right to vote. Without the right to vote, people lose their power to choose.

Every Missourian deserves a free, fair, and accessible election. Vote NO on Amendment 6.

Amendment 3

Amendment 3 will change the Missouri Constitution to needlessly restrict access to abortion. It aims to raise the cigarette tax to fund early childhood education, but it needlessly restricts Missourians’ reproductive rights. Amendment 3 includes troubling language curtailing the ability to both share information about and provide a safe, legal medical procedure.

Vote NO on Amendment 3

This language equates providing abortion with discussing abortion, and that is a dangerous precedent. Amendment 3 would put a gag order on organizations and prevent them from providing accurate information about the full range of pregnancy options, including abortion.

Amendment 3 is also troubling because it could make money available to anti-reproductive health entities like so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” that lie to women. One such organization in St. Louis, Thrive, actively seeks opportunities to present its misleading abstinence-only education in public and private schools. They also offer parenting classes and could be eligible for this funding.

Advocates of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri supports efforts to help Missouri women and families raise healthy kids; however, Amendment 3 isn’t the answer. Missouri can do better. Vote no on Amendment 3.

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