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Thanks Again Governor Nixon!

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Planned Parenthood Applauds Governor Nixon’s Veto of Pregnancy Resource Center Tax Credit Bill Jefferson City, MO –  Governor Nixon vetoed HB 1132, a bill that included tax credits for contributions to Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs). Despite advertising themselves as legitimate sources of health care for women, PRCs refuse to provide or refer for the most…

Share your voice

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Listen to Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, tell Congress what birth control means to her and millions of women across the country. The “I Have a Say” campaign was started by the Coalition to Protect Women’s Health Care (of which Planned Parenthood is a member), and we need your help to make sure our…

Men deciding the rights of women

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These are the witnesses testifying on the birth control benefit right now on Capitol Hill. What is wrong with this picture? Tell congress to stop trying to block women’s access to birth control. Despite overwhelming public support for birth control, anti-birth control lawmakers aren’t backing down. They are determined to give employers the power to…

Birth Control Matters

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Birth Control Matters is our effort to make prescription birth control available to every woman, without co-pays or other out-of-pocket costs. This would ensure that every woman can use the type of birth control that’s best for her at little to no cost through the new health care insurance exchanges. It would also reduce the…