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ADVOCATES works on the front lines to advance, improve, and stop legislation that affect Planned Parenthood patients. We raise our voices and share our knowledge with the House and Senate through accurate and transparent testimony. We mobilize like-minded individuals through online campaigns and earned media to gain momentum. We educate, organize, and lead a dynamic presence in Jefferson City by inviting thousands to take action on behalf of and for Planned Parenthood patients each year. We ACT to protect CARE.


GIVE a donation to ADVOCATES Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri. Your support sends a message: Every person should have the right and ability to plan if and when to have children.

Doctors, not political beliefs or religious restrictions, are qualified to make health care decisions.

There should be no barriers for anyone to obtain basic health care.

Everyone should have access to sex education to make informed and intentional decisions.

No one should be harassed or intimidated when seeking health care.

Victims of sexual violence deserve care without delay, judgment, or government interference.

VOLUNTEER: 314-531-7526 x 334

GIVE: 314-531-7526 x 337