Planned Parenthood VOTES

Planned Parenthood VOTES—St. Louis (VOTES) is a statewide Political Action Committee (PAC). The goal of this Political Action Committee is to help elect, and re-elect, pro-choice, pro-women’s health candidates.

Rally in from of big pink bus

VOTES may directly endorse and contribute to candidates who are running for state elections (like State Representative, State Senator or for a statewide office). But more than that, VOTES can engage in the full range of Get-Out-The-Vote activities. These activities may include canvassing, calling, sending mail, and even work on Election Day. We know that Planned Parenthood supporters are reliable voters that turn-out with more frequency than the typical voter; VOTES makes sure they know who to vote for and when and where to get out and vote. We can’t do all of this without your support. If you’re interested in helping this Political Action Committee continue to Get-Out-The-Vote for candidates we all support, please make a donation today.

To make a donation to VOTES, please mail a check to:
Planned Parenthood VOTES – St. Louis
4251 Forest Park Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63108

As a PAC, contributions are not tax deductible and aggregate gifts of more than $100 per year must be reported to the Missouri Ethics Commission with identifying information about the donor.

Information for candidates

Candidate screening and endorsements in state races are conducted by ADVOCATES and Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes. We are non-partisan and may make endorsements in any party primaries; our best scenario is that all candidates in a race support reproductive health.

If you are a candidate, please contact Angie Postal at for information about endorsement and a copy of our candidate survey.

Questions? Please call Angie Postal at 314.531.7526 x329