MO Politicians Restrict Abortion Access

Vote to restrict abortion access in Missouri follows months of opposition from Missourians across the state Jefferson City - The Missouri Legislature voted to override a veto of an extreme bill that triples the state’s existing mandatory waiting period for a woman seeking a safe and legal abortion. WATCH: A Heartbreaking Situation Made Worse by Politicians The  vote ...

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Hobby Lobby Rally at US Supreme Court

2014 Planned Parenthood Voter Guide

This year, women’s health advocates witnessed an unprecedented wave of anti-women’s health bills. According to the Guttmacher Institute, Missouri was ranked #1 in the most anti-abortion bills in the United States, including the passage and recent VETO of HB 1307, which would triple the mandatory waiting period before women can access an abortion. Missouri has now ...

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Thanks Again Governor Nixon!

Planned Parenthood Applauds Governor Nixon’s Veto of Pregnancy Resource Center Tax Credit Bill Jefferson City, MO -  Governor Nixon vetoed HB 1132, a bill that included tax credits for contributions to Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs). Despite advertising themselves as legitimate sources of health care for women, PRCs refuse to provide or refer for the most commonly sought ...

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Join the Dissent!

Join the Dissent! The Supreme Court has issued a ruling that gives employers the power to deny women the new birth control benefits of the Affordable Care Act — allowing bosses to force their personal beliefs on employees. The five justices who ruled against women's health today are out of step with most Americans — the public ...

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Planned Parenthood Applauds Governor Nixon’s Veto of Abortion Restriction Bill Women and Men Across Missouri called on Nixon to Veto Extreme Restrictions Jefferson City - Today, Governor Nixon vetoed an extreme bill that would triple the state’s existing mandatory waiting period for a woman seeking ...

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What the ACA means to me

Blog post via Jacqueline M. at Women Are Watching. When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed, I was a senior in college. I didn’t quite understand every facet of the bill (and not nearly as much as I do now, having been writing about it for the last week). But I did know one thing: when ...

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Share your voice

Listen to Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, tell Congress what birth control means to her and millions of women across the country. The "I Have a Say" campaign was started by the Coalition to Protect Women's Health Care (of which Planned Parenthood is a member), and we need your help to make sure our ...

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Have You Heard?

Mitt Romney is doubling down on his commitment to defund Planned Parenthood, telling a reporter in Missouri on March 13 that he would "get rid of" the country's best-known reproductive health care provider if he were elected president. In an outdoor interview with Ann Rubin of, Romney offered a few suggestions on how he would cut ...

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Rally Against Rush!

First, they attacked access to abortion care. Then the Missouri Legislature attacked access to birth control. Now the Speaker of the House wants to put a statue in the Capitol honoring Rush Limbaugh. Enough is Enough! Join us on Wednesday, March 28 as we rally and lobby against these attacks on women. Rep. Tilley is calling ...

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Be Heard

First listen to actress Tamara Tunie, famous for her role on Law & Order: SVU, have her say on reproductive health. Click the photo below to watch her video on YouTube. Next, help show birth control opponents who they're dealing with. Join Planned Parenthood and the Coalition to Protect Women's Health Care by making your voice ...

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